Film Studies Program Planning Meeting

The Fall 2017 Film program planning meeting is being held at 6pm on April 4th in Barnard 407.  Come and talk to the Program director, film faculty, and current film majors while hearing about the exciting Fall 2017 course offerings!

Sign-up Sheets for Fall 17 Film Studies Courses

Please note that sign up sheets for Fall 2017 Film Courses are no longer being used.  Signups are done online through SSOL.  You will be automatially put on a waitlist and listed in priority.  The class makeup will be determined on the first day of class.

Fall 2017 Courses in Other Departments

DNCE BC3560: DanceFilm
Tues/Thur 2:10-4:00pm
 Glicker Milstein Theatre, Diana LL102

The objective of the course is to gain an understanding in movement composition for the camera and the composition of the camera when recording dance and movement for all screens. Also called “Dance on Camera” or “Dancefilm,” this hybrid form of dance and film is taking root in the global dance community in the last few years. This experiential, hands-on course requires all students to compose for camera, move and film. Focusing on single-shot filmmaking, using a stabilizer, the duet of the camera and the movement will create a firm understanding of the interaction between the two, enabling students to create their own final short film.

This course aims to engage students who wish to make dance and movement (martial arts, fight scenes) and films for any screen, as well as theatre and film students. Many dance-films move between narrative and experimental filmmaking, thus making the form multi-disciplinary on many levels.

Readings and screenings will introduce the history and theory of the arena of experimental and interdisciplinary practice of this form. We will use this knowledge to inform the process, discussions, and product.

Prerequisite: Dance Composition Course, dance training, theatre students with movement experience and film students interested in gaining insight in the form or permission of the instructor.