Spring 2015 Barnard Film Studies Courses that Require Special Sign-up

The following is a list of Spring 2015 Film Studies courses that require special sign-up. The need for special sign-up as well as how to do so is also listed in the Prerequisites section of each course's course description in the Online Catalogue.

Courses that Have Departmental Sign-up Sheets
The following Film Studies courses are limited in enrollment and require departmental sign-up. Interested students MUST place their name on the sign-up sheets for these courses as well as add the courses to their myBarnard or SSOL. A student simply adding the courses to their myBarnard or SSOL without placing their name on the sheets will NOT ensure their enrollment.  Please note that priority enrollment in these courses goes to seniors majoring or concentrating in Film Studies.

The sign-up sheets for these courses will go up on the bulletin boards on the 4th floor of Barnard Hall on Thursday, November 13th at 8:30am.

FILM BC3119: Screenwriting

FILM BC3120:  Feature Film Screenwriting

FILM BC3260:  Production for Television:  Inside the Writers' Room

Course that Require Instructor Permission

FILM BC3200: Production - limited enrollment; students must attend the first day of class to receive instructor permission.

Any questions about Film Studies that are not answered above may be directed to english@barnard.edu.



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